? SPT-RAKIA Abrasive Recycling|Mineral Washing Ras Al Khaimah|Dubai|Abu Dhabi-UAE


Abrasive Recycling System:-

Bulk Recycling System

Bulk recycling / Storage system is inbuilt with abrasive recycling system and is used for storig abrasive for unitertery blastin. The picture shown is for the capacity of 300MT/Hour of blasting abrasive storage.
1. ACT:260TON capacity

Steel Grit Recycling machine

Garnet recycling machine

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The garnet washing machine is used to separate the used garnet & the fine dust present in it. The used garnet is washed & separated by a screw mechanism in which its pulled towards the top corner & cleared out from the unit. The wet garnet is then allowed to dry to get the recycled garnet for re-use.
1. Mega

Mineral washing system

The garnet recycling system seperates the fine garnet, coarse garnet & dust. The waste & dust present inside the material will be taken out from the other opening provided. The throughput of the machine will be 2-3 tons/hr.
The recycling units supplied in UAE are,
1. MEGA supplies 2. Thyssen Kyupp 3. Adyard